There's already plenty of frustrating things to endure while on the roads in Maine. People whom fail to use their blinkers, clean off the top of the cars in the winter, those who travel in the left lane when they're not passing, etc. So it's probably no surprise that the Maine Turnpike took to Twitter to remind drivers of another frustrating thing that occurs on a daily basis, how to use their EZ Pass.

There are signs at every toll plaza in Maine that states you can use EZ Pass in ANY lane if you have one. But if you've driven on the Maine Turnpike, you've bound to come across situations where the designated EZ Pass lanes are more backed up than the cash lanes. So this is a gentle reminder that if you're in possession of an EZ Pass, you can use any lane to get through the toll plaza and not come to a complete halt backing up traffic even further.

Eventually, this reminder will almost be moot as the state of Maine continues to install fast-moving EZ Pass exclusive lanes at the busiest toll plazas. The Gray-New Gloucester and Falmouth spur toll plazas already have it, and the York toll plaza project will include it as well.

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