One of the quickest (and maybe even most harsh) lessons that I learned when moving to Maine over the summer was that just because I now live in Maine, doesn't mean I'm necessarily accepted here.

I showed my greenness right off the bat, foolishly calling myself a Mainer. I just assumed that just like people living in New Hampshire call themselves Granite Staters, that it's the same for people who live in Maine.

Clearly, I couldn't have been more wrong. But I'm also grateful for the lesson (once the sting wore off, anyway.)

Tyler Nix / Llio Angharad
Tyler Nix / Llio Angharad

All that to say, being accepted by your Maine neighbors is a big deal, because it clearly doesn't just happen overnight. Or even within a year.

Which is the point u/Tony-Flags was making on Reddit last week when he dropped a post in the Maine Subreddit mentioning that after 715 days of living in Maine, he's finally starting to feel accepted.

Because after about two years of living in Maine, his neighbor gifted him with two massive packages of meat from The Meat Shop in Warren -- a package of deer steak and a package of moose steak.

And it may seem like the most random gesture and belief ever, but it's also the most Maine gesture and belief ever, too. And other Mainers agree that it's a legit offer of acceptance, at least according to the comments section of Tony's post.

"And they didn't give you the yellow meat, either." - u/Doc_colletti

"I think you've been fully accepted." - u/woodstove7

"Honestly you should interpret that as a love letter." - u/OhDeBabies

"This is a very good sign!" - u/SheSellsSeaShells967

"You are officially his bromance!" - u/Redsoxnation1980

By the way, if you just recently moved to Maine and aren't feeling the love and neighborly acceptance that Tony is feeling right now, don't lose hope! It just may be too soon for you.

Because according to u/cptnsaltypants,

"It really does take that long."

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