If you're considering a move to a Maine city or town this year, or if you're curious about how safe the area in which you currently reside in really is, you'll want to hear about this. We're now getting a look at new information that shows the most dangerous places to live in Maine in 2019. The website RoadSnacks compiled the data, and ranked the cities and towns in the Pine Tree State with the most crime. Generally speaking, Maine is a relatively safe place to live. But you'll probably want to know that crime in the following cities and towns is higher than anywhere else Maine.

#1 - Biddeford

#2 - Augusta

#3 - Waterville

#4 - Skowhegan

#5 - Portland

#6 - Bangor

#7 - Sanford

#8 - Houlton

#9 - Presque Isle

#10 - Auburn

Does this list surprise you? Are there any other cities or towns that you thought would be on this list? Let us know, with a comment on the Facebook post.

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