Extra sweet when the opponent is based in sunny California.

It's January in New England, which always features a threat for a mountain of snow. Instead of a January thaw this weekend, part of New England could be hit with snow storm. Just in time for another Patriots snow bowl.

You know the kind we're talking about, right? The snow plow game against the Dolphins in 1982. The 59 point blowout vs. the Tennessee Titans in '09...and this

A game which was instrumental in what has become the Patriots dynasty. On that day, they took on the Raiders. Sunday, another California team (Los Angeles Chargers) will visit Gillette Stadium. While still a few days out, the National Weather Service is calling for measurable snow to be a possibility.

In the past, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been cautious concerning football forecasts. SB Nation recalled one press conference in 2014 “I’m not saying I could do it better than them, I’m just saying they’re wrong a lot,” Belichick said. “That’s a fact. They’re wrong a lot.”

In Bill we trust. 


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