It seems that serial killers are becoming more popular than ever. There have been plenty of documentaries about real serial killers, as well as movies such as "Zodiac" and "Monster." Heck, there are even a ton of serial killer movies inspired by true stories like "Scream" which is based on the Gainesville Ripper, serial killer, Ed Gein, also inspired two other well-known films "Psycho" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre."

An infamous killer however is getting a new true-crime movie on Hulu. I am talking about the Boston Strangler.

The movie, "Boston Strangler," is told from the perspective of a reporter (who will be played by Keira Knightley), according to Screen Crush. Knightley's character is a reporter at a Boston newspaper that investigates a series of killings, prior to the police even connecting the murders.

Other stars that will be in Hulu's "Boston Strangler" are Carrie Coon, Chris Cooper, and Alessandro Nivola.

It will be nice to have a newer movie about the Boston Strangler, as the first one is a bit dated. Interested in streaming "Boston Strangler"? You can check out the full trailer below.

As stated above, this will not be the first movie about the Boston Strangler. There was actually one that was released back in 1968.

According to Screen Crush, the 1968 film "The Boston Strangler" was actually a fiction film that was influenced by the murders that ended only a few years earlier.

What makes the Boston Strangler's, aka Albert DeSalvo, case even more unique is the fact that the killer was caught nearly 50 years later, and it was not until after DeSalvo had already passed away.

"Boston Strangler" will premier on Hulu on March 17th.

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