Hard to believe it's been a year since the 'Tide Pod challenge' but 2020 has its own breed of stupidity making the rounds with the 'outlet challenge'.

Kids are taking to Snapchat, TikTok, and similar sites to post their videos. Some have resulted in accidentally starting a fire. When you play with outlets, that should absolutely be considered as a possibility.

According to WABI, the challenge goes like this; you take the charger of your phone and stick it into the outlet, but not all the way. You want to leave enough room to then slide a penny between the charger and the outlet causing it to short out. Doing this creates a spark at the very least for that "wow factor" for the social media post.

Best case scenario you just get a spark, which is still not good, obviously. Worst case scenario, you start a fire or get fatally electrocuted. WPRI highlighted the challenge complete with a warning from the Plymouth, MA fire chief.

Some kids have even been doing this in schools and may face charges. Criminal, not electrical.

There was a time parents didn't think they had to tell their kids not to eat laundry detergent pods, now I guess the whole "electricity isn't a toy" conversation needs to happen beyond the age of 2.

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