For Lewiston residents, the Promenade mall has represented a lot of things over the course of multiple decades. Most recently, it's represented a relic of the retail and entertainment centerpiece it used to be, with multiple vacancies. But according to the Sun-Journal, The Promenade name will become a thing of memories as the plaza begins its transformation into the future.

The mall itself opened back in 1973 under the title of the Central Maine Mall. Its anchor stores were a retail location of Bradlees on one end and a Shaw's Supermarket on the other. The mall also included a variety of other stores, a Bonanza Restaurant and around the back of the mall, a small cinema showing the latest flicks.

Through the years, the Promenade housed many notable retailers, including Fashion Bug, Service Merchandise, Bookland, and Radio Shack amongst others. It had also been the home for a large location of Flagship Cinemas for more than 15 years before it closed a couple years back.

So what is the next chapter...and name of the Promenade? It'll now be called Gendron Place and it has already acquired a new and impressive tenant, PayChex. The developer who bought the Promenade about a year ago plans to continue to repurpose the mall and take advantage of all the available space.

Goodbye Promenade. Thanks for the memories.

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