We're not quite sure why but people keep coming back so we'll keep showing up every week. We had no idea how this thing was gonna go when we launched it back back in February of 2011. It was set up as a trial basis for both Joe and I and Gritty's. We had no idea if they'd like us, if we'd like doing it or if people would come back....somehow it took off. Tonight is our first night back after the summer break.

Things kick off at 7pm with TWO themed rounds of EIGHT questions a piece. After round two, there's a mini bonus round where your team is able to score an additional FOUR points. Then around 8pm the final two general knowledge rounds kick off that consist of TEN questions a piece. In these rounds, teams are able to score TWO points per question for answering correctly in under 30 seconds. We allow up to 60 seconds for ONE point.

We have weekly prizes for the top 3 teams, including the highest scoring team spinning our prize wheel. The prize wheel consists of Gritty's gift cards of up to $50, CYY/Gritty's prize packs filled with CDs and Gritty's schwag and concert tickets (concerts will vary). Teams can be up to SIX players.

The team that accumulates the most points after each eight week round will win the grand prize. This time around it's a FOUR pack of skydiving passes from Skydive New England.

Hope to see you every Wednesday from 7-9pm at Gritty's in the Old Port!