For locals, back cove in Portland is a destination during the summer to work out, hang out and enjoy a piece of the ocean without having to be covered in sand. But this summer, if an art idea is approved, a new floating dock could become part of the back cove experience, complete with tables to dine at.

According to the Portland Press Herald, a proposal has been made by TEMPOart, a non-profit that works to enrich urban spaces with art. They're calling this floating dock project "shifting tides" and if it is approved by the three different governmental bodies that are reviewing it, it would open to the public from June through October.

Courtesy of TEMPOart
Courtesy of TEMPOart

The design of "shifting tides" is also part of the intrigue. The dock would be surrounded by four floating platforms that would change the look of the dock based on the tides. At high tide, the platforms would sit on the water, essentially extending the dock on all four sides. At low tide, those platforms would become walls, enclosing the dock.

Part of the hope behind the project is to inspire the community to come together, regardless of social stigmas. The plan is to host several events bringing together immigrants and locals through dining events so they can get know each other.

As of now, there is no opposition to the project, only a review to make sure all of the plans will provide the proper safety for the public.


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