If you take a stroll down Congress Street in Portland, you'll be impressed by the old architecture that still stands as part of a working downtown environment. But would you be amazed to know that there is a whole host of secrets hidden underground the streets of Portland? Including an old bowling alley that very well may still be intact.

According to the Portland Phoenix, the Bowlodrome Bowling alley sits underneath the parking lot adjacent to the Portland Stage Company on Forest Avenue and behind the Empire on Congress Street. Whether or not the bowling alley is still standing is up for debate, but at least one person believes there are remnants left.

Yet, if you're looking for photos of this underground bowling alley. good luck. In fact, simply digging for facts about the Bowlodrome business or how a bowling alley in downtown Portland simply goes under (ground, literally), you won't find any tangible facts.

Naturally, the question is this...can you get to this abandoned bowling alley? A Reddit thread suggests there are some underground tunnels that are not open to the public, but that do have access to this underground treasure. The Redditor Prilly suggests there is a tunnel underneath The Westin that can access this underground bowling alley as well another with an unknown name.

If you have any additional information or photos of these old, underground bowling alleys, please share it with us so we can update this post. Otherwise, the mystery of the underground bowling alleys will stay exactly that...mysterious.

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