Is this even real life anymore? Pokemon GO went from being non-existent to a more divisive issue than who to vote for in the November election. Like it or not, Pokemon GO has some legs, in that people are using theirs wandering around places they would have never visited if it weren't for the game. But if you are heeding the warnings of local police and want to limit your blind desperation to snag a Pikachu, check out this new map of pokestops around Maine.

Thanks to the Bangor Daily News, finding these much needed pokestops should be easier than ever. Here are a few interesting ones.


Seems like a gimme! A gathering place for young and old looking to have an amazing day of fun also now serves as a fantastic place to recharge your pokeballs count. Winning!

Lighthouse Statue In Portland

At the corner of Forest Ave and Marginal Way lies a Lighthouse Statue that has suddenly become more popular than ever. That's because it's a perfect pokestop destination for those on their ultimate corralling tour. By the way, right around the corner from that is the Miss Portland Diner, which is ALSO a pokestop. Wonderful.

Slugger The Sea Dog

Or maybe Slugger the pokestop. If you're going to a Sea Dogs game anytime soon, you'll want to make sure you have enough poke balls to snag whatever creatures lurk inside the stadium. Luckily for you, the Slugger statue outside the ballpark serves as a very convenient pokestop. Home run!

Bull Moose

If you're taking a trip to the mall area and thinking about snagging a new record or movie, Bull Moose is probably your top destination. Now, it can be your top destination because its a perfectly located pokestop between all the retail stores where there are undoubtedly many Pokemon to be found.

The Giant Moose at the Hampton Inn Freeport

Another chance for you to load up at a pokestop before careening through a treasure chest of retail stores where Pokemon are sure to be plentiful. It's pretty hard to miss the large moose in front of the Hampton Inn Freeport. Maybe this is your pokestop pitstop as you travel up the Interstate!

There are hundreds more pokestops, with more popping up everyday. And lucky for all of us, the BDN pokestop map is continuously updating with new locations. This isn't going to end poorly, right?

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