Portland has another new addition to its Old Port scene, Jäger will serve authentic German food and beer to please the masses. 

It's fair to ask...what's wrong with all of us that when you say Jäger, the first thing we all think of is that deliciously sweet licorice alcohol? Well before you make any judgments on the latest addition to Portland's thriving Old Port, let us tell you about the brand new restaurant/bar called Jäger.

Found on Wharf Street right near Bonfire and Central Provisions, Jäger is an authentic German restaurant serving up some incredible plates of food. The pictures don't lie. Some of their other specialties include soft pretzels, potato pancakes and spätzel. Hello, sweet deliciousness.

But let's be honest, if you're opening a new place on Wharf Street in Portland, you better be serving some alcohol. Jäger has a mix of some terrific local microbrews and some that you've probably never tried from overseas. Authentic German food AND beer? This is why Portland is Portland.

And if the food and drink isn't enough for you, Jäger houses a piece of Portland history as well. The old Falmouth seawall, the original coastline before Portland built Commercial Street exists inside Jäger. Awesome.

Oh, and we perused the menu online and through Facebook and couldn't find any mention of Jägermeister anywhere. That doesn't mean they don't have it and don't serve, it just means there's more to Portland's Jäger than a quick shot to gulp down. Cheers!

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