If you live in the Lewiston-Auburn area, you may have noticed that your tap water has a strange odor and taste. Don't panic. There's an explanation for that.

The City of Lewiston posted on their Facebook page on Wednesday that any strange odor or taste in tap water is harmless and will eventually go away. This is the time of year that Lake Auburn, the source of water for the Lewiston-Auburn area turns over. That means that the warmer water that would stay near the surface of the lake is now settling to the bottom as the season changes. This allows water that has been at the bottom of the lake through the summer to mix and rise closer to the surface.

Another cause of the odor and taste is due to algae in the lake that is broken down when the water is chlorinated. As the enzymes in the algae break down, they cause the strange odor and taste, but it is completely harmless.As the water continues to get colder the taste and smell should subside.

So if that tap water smells or tastes strange, you have no health concerns to worry about. This is normal and at this time next month your water should be back to normal.



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