While the mismatched Christmas tree in downtown Portland has been getting all the attention today, perhaps it's time to shine some light on another Christmas tree that can be found in the Old Port.

Right outside the Portland Regency, a creative take on a Christmas tree in Maine has been put together. In case you didn't know, the Portland Regency is a top destination for tourists to stay in the Old Port, and tourists absolutely know Maine for its lobster. So while this tree is painfully stereotypical, it makes sense for a hotel that caters to out-of-state guests to deliver what people from away are expecting.

So if you've got friends and family visiting from out of town that won't be wowed by the tree in Monument Square, take them to the Lobster Trap tree by the Regency...it's just too bad there isn't a yurt right outside selling blueberry craft beer. Maybe next year?

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