It is called Maine's richest sporting event each year - the Oxford 250 race at Oxford Plains Speedway where the winner takes home $25,000. And, it happens tonight.

Over 60 racers will try to win that big purse. Many of them local Maine racers and then there's a driver like Fort Kent's Austin Theriault.

He's trying to work his way up the NASCAR ladder. Theriualt has driven in the truck series for Brad Kesolowski's team and he currently is third in points in the NASCAR K & N East Series.

He has built a car to race in the Oxford 250 and will be the #57 car.

From 2011 to 2014 Theriault had two third place finishes, a fourth place and a runner-up finish. He did not race last year because of his truck series commitment.

Past 250 Winners

2015 Glen Luce
2014 Travis Benjamin
2013 Travis Benjamin
2012 Joey Polewardczyk, Jr.
2011 Kyle Busch
2010 Eddie MacDonald
2009 Eddie MacDonald
2008 Kevin Harvick
2007 Roger Brown
2006 Jeremie Whorff
2005 Mike Rowe
2004 Ben Rowe
2003 Ben Rowe
2002 Scott Robbins
2001 Gary Drew
2000 Ralph Nason
1999 Ralph Nason
1998 Ralph Nason
1997 Mike Rowe
1996 Larry Gelinas
1995 Dave Whitlock
1994 Derek Lynch
1993 Junior Hanley
1992 Dave Dion
1991 Ricky Craven
1990 Chuck Bown
1989 Jamie Aube
1988 Dick McCabe
1987 Jamie Aube
1986 Chuck Bown
1985 Dave Dion
1984 Mike Rowe
1983 Tommy Ellis
1982 Mike Berry
1981 Geoff Bodine
1980 Geoff Bodine
1979 Tom Rosati
1978 Bob Pressley
1977 Don Beiderman
1976 Butch Lindley
1975 Dave Dion
1974 Joey Kourafas

Oxford 250 1
Oxford Plains Speedway Photo

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