One of the true signs spring is on the way in Maine is when seasonal ice cream shops start opening up. That usually happens much, much later than the last weekend in January. But after a tough year on everyone's psyche, who couldn't use a delicious sundae to put a smile on their face? That's exactly what Fielder's Choice Ice Cream is thinking as they plan to open multiple locations of their business prior to the warmer months showing up.

Shared on Facebook by Fielder's Choice Ice Cream, they're not even waiting around for the groundhog to announce an early spring or a longer winter. Fielder's Choice have both their Auburn and Manchester locations open for business Thursday through Sunday. Given the current pandemic restrictions as well as it being winter, transactions are drive-thru only. Additionally, since they're only opening locations part-time, they're sticking with hard serve ice cream only for the time being.

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If you got excited only to find that your closest Fielder's Choice isn't one that is open yet, you likely won't have to wait for long. Fielder's Choice promises that all other locations will be open soon and they plan to announce opening dates and hours on their Facebook page as soon as possible.

So sure, there might be a Nor'Easter headed our way next week, but here in Maine we drink iced coffee all year long, so why not eat ice cream in the middle of blizzard as well? Makes total sense to us.

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