There are plenty of words to describe the old Notre Dame hospital in Biddeford. Creepy, eerie, even haunted. But there's one word that most definitely describes its current state, abandoned. For several years now, brave souls have visited the site (violating no trespassing laws) and have snapped pictures and taken videos. That lets all of us, more cautious souls, satisfy our curiosity through their eyes.


The Biddeford Police Department reminds you that this facility is restricted, and anyone found entering these premises without permission will be prosecuted. Do not enter this property.

Let us tackle this question first, how does an entire hospital just become abandoned? Notre Dame hospital was built in 1950 on Pool St. in Biddeford and was fully operational until a merger with Webber Hospital in 1969. Since then, the hospital had become an operational nursing facility until it was finally abandoned in 2005.

According to the Bollard, the last tenant there, First Atlantic Healthcare, left behind some of the items you'll see in the videos posted below. Between peeling paint, rusted wheelchairs, and stripped metal beds, this old, abandoned hospital is truly a scene out of anybody's worst nightmare.

The photo above, shared by a group on Facebook called Ghost Files, shows just a small sliver of the creepy fillings of this abandoned property. After years of being accessed by ghost hunters and adventures, Ghost Files reports that the windows and doors have been boarded up and a chain link fence has been put around the property to keep trespassers out.

The two videos below were filmed and posted on YouTube, presumably before the latest safety measures were put into place. Check them out and consider it an unofficial tour or one of the creepiest places still standing in Maine. Sweet dreams...

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