YouTube is a treasure trove of old relics when it comes to television commercials. If you've lived in Maine, you've heard of Aquaboggan. It's been a Route 1 staple for as long as I can remember. Watching this commercial from 1986 is more than just a flashback, it's a history lesson as well.

Check out what the Maine Turnpike used to look like. Keep in mind there's multiple generations of Maine drivers of never knew about the "old" number system when it comes to the turnpike!

Oh, and did you notice when they pass by Funtown? There's no such thing as Splashtown yet. It was just Funtown's small version of a waterpark at that point. Again, an entire generation or two of people who only think of Funtown/Splashtown as one big park.

Sometimes its fun to look back at all the fun we had/you had/your parents had back in the 80's! Lets hit the wave pool!


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