Hey  Mainers! For anyone currently living here and loving it, I'm sure I'm about to preach to the converted. For those reading from outside the state: Hello, and buckle up - I'm about to hit you with a collection of photos that unequivocally proves that Maine is the prettiest state in the union.

Starting off with something recent, here's a shot taken on Dubling Point on the Kennebec on the 4th of July.

Lupins are one of the underrated beauties of this part of the world. Heck, we even have a children's book dedicated to them!

Looking forward a bit (maybe a bit too much, if you're enjoying summer like I am), here's a great pic of Augusta in the fall.

An awesome shot of the Pier on Old Orchard Beach (Joey's lucky he gets to hang there every friday!)

See, even on grey days Maine looks great! This one comes from Bar Harbor.

All of these images come from the Only in Maine Facebook page, which shares great shots like this all the time.

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