I've never seen a bathroom quite like this one...and they know it.


Here's what I encountered when I asked to use the restroom...



That is not a filter. That IS the light that was on. I thought it was like an emergency back up light. Nope. That is THE light for this bathroom. It made for a very interesting experience. It almost seems as though crime photos are developed in this bathroom. But they are not.

This is the bathroom of (drum roll please)...


Right before the Christmas break, I did a live 2 hour remote broadcast. And yes, I had to use the bathroom.

I told them I was going to take a picture and call it 'The Scariest Bathroom in Portland'.

They said, 'Okay.'


PS...had a great time and they were super nice. Also bought Jen one of her favorite Christmas presents. A charger with a 10 foot cord.