Stoneham, Maine Lakehouse

When I picture a lakehouse in Maine, I picture anything but this home. The 3,998 sqft house rests in complete privacy on Horshoe Pond in Stoneham, offering peace and solitude right in nature.

That sounds like your typical Maine lakehouse but this one looks like it’s from the future. The modern and simple architecture looks like a home that would be in California, not on a pond in Maine. Once you take a virtual step inside, you stop questioning if the house is right and you’re just ready to move on in yourself.

Listed at $1.7 million, the 2-bedroom home is the ideal place to spark creativity, spend time alone, and enjoy the outdoors. The floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the space offer ample natural light and beauty in every room. A wraparound library is a book-lovers dream, and the direct access to the pond is ideal no matter the season.

Check it out:

This Insane Mansion In Stoneham, Maine is So Impressive It Looks Like It's From The Future

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