Italian food is one of America', the world's greatest cuisine, but not just anybody can create a great, authentic, and fresh Italian menu.

To gauge who is the best, you can look at reviews like Yelp, The Daily Meal, Fodors, Eater, and Gayot.  These reviews help point us in the direction of which places really do have exceptional food, and which places don't.

That's exactly what 24/ did when they researched the best Italian restaurants in America.

The team did not consider pizzerias because they serve mostly pizza, not other Italian cuisine.  This seems fair when doling out who has the best pasta and Italian food in general at any Italian restaurant.

Here's what I found out about Italian restaurants.  Not all restaurants want to be the best, but rather the most creative, authentic, or freshest, as in farm-to-table like the old country.

Campo Enoteca via Facebook
Campo Enoteca via Facebook

New Hampshire isn't necessarily known for its great Italian restaurants, but many do stand out, especially in the largest city in the Granite State.

Manchester, New Hampshire, is a melting pot for all types of foods and ethnicity, and when it comes to authentic Italian cooking, Campo Enoteca is hands down the best.

Campo Enoteca is a farm-to-table restaurant with house-made ricotta, grilled sourdough bread, homemade butternut squash ravioli, Maine lobster ravioli, wild mushroom ravioli, braised beef ravioli and tagliatelle, and other hand-made, homemade pastas.

Campo Enoteca via Facebook
Campo Enoteca via Facebook

The chef sources meats and vegetables from local farms, since the menu varies slightly as the seasons change.  The restaurant scored high as best Italian restaurant in New Hampshire, and is also mentioned at 24/ as the best place for pasta in the state.

Make a reservation today if you're craving Italian and don't want to fly to Italy.

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