Do you like to collect rocks from the beach? Just make sure you don't do it in this New England town, or you just might end up having to pay a hefty fine! According to WMTW, the town of Westport, Massachusetts will start issuing fines of $250 to people caught taking rocks from the beach, thanks to a new ordinance that recently went into effect. The thing is, it has actually been illegal all along to take rocks from the beaches of Westport, according to the Wetlands Protection Act. But the law was never really enforced, until now.

I think it's ridiculous that you could be fined so much money, just for taking rocks off a beach! I mean really, how much harm can it actually cause? I love going to beaches with my daughters, in search of interesting looking rocks. I sure hope that Portland or surrounding towns don't get any ideas to do the same.

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