Eric Ruffin of Claremont, NH is an avid hiker despite the weather. Lucky for those of us who would rather stay snuggled up in a blanket on our couches, he keeps his YouTube channel updated with hiking vlogs so we can all live vicariously through his ambitious outings.

His recent vlog chronicles his friend's and his showshoed hike up to the summit of Mount Garfield, a 4,000 footer on the Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In the video's description, Eric describes the adventure as a "cold, spectacular and super rewarding day."

Follow along with Eric and Mike's hike as they conquer all 4,501 feet of Mount Garfield despite snow-covered trails and freezing temps.

If you want a regular peek into Eric's adventures, you can follow him on Instagram @mtn_lust, where he posts stunning photos like this view from atop a snowy tower:

Add him to your list of nature-lovers who climb mountains and share their adventures with us while we veg out all cozied up in our warm houses!

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