It looks like one town was named the worst place to live in Maine.

24/7 Wall Street crafted a list of the worst cities to live in each state while naming Orono its no. 1 on the list. (Though, any true Mainer would know Orono is not a city but rather a town in Penobscot County.)

The website created a weighted index of 25 measures in determining its list (and you can see more about their methodology here.) And all of those measures fall into the four categories of affordability, economy, quality of life, and community. The place with the lowest score according to the website's formula garnered its position as the worst city to live in.

Yup, and according to 24/7 Wall Street, Orono took that crown as the worst place to live in Maine.

Here are some stats the website produced about Orono:

  • Population: 9,667
  • Median home value: $183,600 (state: $179,900)
  • Poverty rate: 37.5% (state: 12.9%)
  • Violent crimes per 100,000 people: 79 (state: 121)

24/7 Wall Street also stated that "over the last five years, employment in Orono has fallen by 4.2 percent" and the financial hardships of the town are probably because of a "weak job market."

They also seem to think that there wasn't much there in the way of entertainment and culture.

But do you agree with their choice? That Orono is the worst place to live in the state? (And granted, it's still probably better than the worst places to live in other states, right?)

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