Looking at the calendar, it's that time of year. Time to grab your pencils, pens, notebooks and whatever else you'll need to send yourself or your child back to school. And if you needed another reminder WHY school is so important, well the Walgreens location on Sabattus Street gave Lewiston residents just that today.

Shared on Facebook by Laurie Lyn Appleton, you can find all those pencils, pens and notebooks at Walgreens in the school supplise section. Listen, spelling isn't everyone's thing, we get that, but there's got to be a proofreading system in place for businesses and their signs, ESPECIALLY when they're talking about school.

We haven't been updated yet, but we have to assume someone informed Walgreens that the spelling mistake on their sign was a doozy and have since changed it. Stay in school, kids.

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