A storm that brought strong winds and heavy rain on Friday, December 23, left hundreds of thousands in the dark.

Over 137,000 people were still without power as of 6:30 p.m. Saturday, December 24, according to outages from CMP and Versant.

Central Maine Power reported 111,988 customers without power, and Versant reported 29,572 customers without power as of Saturday evening.

Unfortunately for many early on, there wasn't a set time when power might be restored as the heavy winds continued into the night making it difficult for crews to fix things right away.

According to a Facebook post from CMP, the intense winds made it dangerous for crews to work and fix downed power lines.

The power company noted that when "wind speeds fall below 40 MPH all 550 crews will focus on repairs."

CMP reported on its website that well over 120,000 customers so far have had power restored.

WMTW reported that winds hit up to 70 mph along the coast during the storm.

The news station also highlighted that many communities experienced intense flooding and plenty of damage due to downed trees and more.

Central Maine Power via Facebook
Central Maine Power via Facebook

The iconic Portland Head Light was damaged in the storm, according to WGME, and "windows and doors were smashed."

This WGME video highlights just how powerful the crashing waves were against the lighthouse:

You can also see the intense waves in Old Orchard Beach in this Facebook video from OOB police:

Or check out the flooding in Wells as shown in this Wells police Facebook video:

Even these photos from the town of Wells on Facebook capture the massive flooding and damage caused from it:

The waves look incredibly "angry" in this video below:

For outage updates from Central Maine Power, click here.

For outage updates from Versant, click here.

Hopefully, the power crews will be able to fix everyone's power soon, and a definite thank you to the crews and emergency responders out there helping everyone.

Stay safe out there.

Photos Highlight Extensive Damage, Flooding in Maine from Powerful December 23 Storm

Rain and wind hit Maine hard on Friday, December 23, causing downed trees, flooding, and power outages.

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