Maine woman Rita Boutaugh had a pretty busy weekend picking an entire family of ticks out of her father's beard.

Say what? I guess it makes sense though because ticks grapple onto anything, even facial hair.

She posted this in the Maine Wildlife Facebook Group to make others aware that the ticks are out and popping.

Her post said the following,

This is just from my father's beard.. be prepared for a hard summer with these nasty things!

Rita Boutaugh

This happened in Ellsworth, Maine.

Rita Boutaugh via Facebook
Rita Boutaugh via Facebook

Every year we talk about this. But this time, I am going to prepare you for the inevitable and let you know, they are unavoidable, like that wedgy you always get when you wear those yoga pants.

You will most likely see a tick or have one burrow under your skin this summer because they have increased in Maine, according to Pine State Pest.

They say,

In more than one spot on the web, researchers have noted climate change and an increase in deer population could be to blame for an ever-increasing tick problem in Maine as well.

Maine has always had a tick problem and Gateway Maine lets us know which diseases you can get from being bit by a tick,

According to Gateway Maine,

Maine has high rates of tickborne diseases. The Maine Tracking Network uses data from case reports, surveys, and tick submissions to help understand the spread of tickborne diseases. Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis are the most reported tickborne diseases in Maine. People become infected from the bite of an infected deer tick.

Normally, when most of us see a tick, we scream and grab a lighter. But there are other ways to deal with this increasing issue!

Below is a list of how to prevent and manage the tick problem in Maine, according to information from

Tick Population Explodes this Year, Here's How to Protect Yourself

This weekend, a Maine woman was busy pulling a family of ticks out of her fathers beard. This year the tick population is exploding and this is what you should do. 

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