With winter's grip taking complete control of our lives here in New England, it's always good to have a few activities and trips planned out. If not, you may have to be concerned about your sanity level.

One of my favorite activities during these long cold nights is to cozy up by a fire, eat some great comfort food, enjoy a cocktail or two, and just relax. And nothing beats doing it with that special someone. Honestly, what's more romantic than that?

Well, who says it needs to be during winter? Let's be honest, it's always a wonderful time for a romantic getaway. Plus, think of the points you will earn if it's spontaneous? Thankfully, there's a new list to help you make that next booking.

The editors of the popular travel site, tripsavvy.com, decided to make a list of the most romantic getaways in the world. This of course included many wonderful spots across New England (even Connecticut, who knew?).

Two of those selected come from New England's most populous and popular state, Massachusetts. The Bay State is represented by a beautiful old inn in Chatham, and a great spot on the island of Nantucket.

Captain's House Inn

Chatham's Captain's House Inn is an amazing old home that dates back to 1839. There's a wealth of room and property options for guests, including a carriage house. And like many of the getaways listed on the site, the Captain's House shines no matter what season you visit.

Here's a little of what tripsavvy.com had to say about the inn....

Choose from the Main House suites, Carriage House, Captain’s Cottage, or the Stables; wrapped in Cape Cod elegance, each room has a fireplace and modern amenities. We think it’s a romantic retreat for beachside lounging in the summer, but also a reason to get cozy in the autumn.


Union Street Inn

Take a trip out to the amazing island of Nantucket to enjoy this amazing spot that TripAdvisor called the "the number 1 small hotel in America." The Union Street Inn is a three-season inn that is known for its incredible attention to detail and romantic flare. And of course, half the fun is getting there by ferry.

Here's some of what tripsavvy.com had to say about the Union Street....

...guests can stroll out the front door at any time of day and be at the center of it all with options for everything from upscale dining and boutique shopping to a simple jaunt to Brant Point lighthouse.

These two incredible spots were joined by seven other getaways in New England. Those include

Yellowhouse Inn - Bar Harbor, ME
Coveside B&B - Georgetown, ME
Victorian by the Sea - Lincolnville, ME
Sarah Kendall House - Newport, RI
Stone Hill Inn - Stowe, VT
Rabbit Hill Inn - Lower Waterford, VT
The Inn at Stonington - Stonington, CT

Ready to book your next romantic getaway? You can see the entire list here.

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