Throughout the state of Maine, you'll find plenty of towns and cities with lots of family-friendly activities to do. Many of Maine's beachfront communities cater to families in the summer with offerings of amusement parks, arcades, mini golf, and of course, beaches.

But according to a recent article released by Travel Pulse, none of those popular beachfront places are Maine's most family-friendly city. Instead, a different hotspot was chosen.

Bar Harbor Maine town square
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Travel Pulse named Bar Harbor as Maine's most family-friendly destination. Some readers of the article paused thanks to their notation that Bar Harbor was located in northern Maine, but beyond the geographic question, the reasoning behind naming Bar Harbor the most family-friendly city in Maine has some merit.

Scenic view of the awe inspiring nature's landscape in Acadia National Park
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Its proximity to Acadia National Park led the way as the top reason families should visit the tourism hotspot. Travel Pulse suggested going on a hike or using the auto road as an excursion. Not only that, but the ability to rent bikes and traverse the trails was a key point for families to enjoy.

While Bar Harbor isn't exactly known for its beaches, the town does have some, along with plenty of stunning oceanfront views. Travel Pulse names the beaches, along with Adamant Park and the Village Green, as firm reasons why Bar Harbor is the top destination in Maine for families.


During the summer months, there's additional family-friendly excursions that Travel Pulse didn't mention, including sunset cruises, deep sea fishing expeditions, and more. People will still visit Bar Harbor, and there may be a few more families in 2023 as well.

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