Give it up for Trivium's Matt Heafy, who once again sprung into action during the band's Dallas show Wednesday night (June 7) to save a fan from potential serious injury. The band was playing Dallas' The Factory at Deep Ellum when Heafy spotted a crowd surfer getting perilously close to the front stage barrier, doffing his guitar and leaping in to catch the fan before they landed in the barrier area without a catch.

The band stopped the song as Heafy jumped into action, with bassist Paolo Gregoletto then being heard stating, "Hey security. You need to go the whole way across and not bunch up in the middle. Our singer's not going to be jumping off the stage to get people tonight."

Heafy then returned to the stage, but not before calling for additional security in the front to look out for those surfing their way to the front of the venue. "Everybody okay down there? See? We love you all. We fucking love you all. That's how we do it," said the singer. "Yes, my security friends, we need at least 5 to 7 people in this front barricade please. Five to seven. Security check me out. Five to seven so nobody's breaking their necks. Let's go."

Footage of the incident was later shared by Heafy, who noted, "Don’t ever say we don’t love our fans. Absent security in that spot - dude almost broke his neck - and I had to jump down and catch him! Whew. Had to check on a second person on martyr - if that was you - please lmk if you’re alright. Dallas. Holy shit."

Watch it play out below.

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place, with Heafy also reacting quickly during a 2022 show, as the singer was able to grab the attention of a member of the band's security team just in time to catch a crowd surfer in a precarious position. He then shouted out the crew member for his quick action on social media following the show.

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The group will wrap their current U.S. tour leg next week, before heading off to Europe for dates in August. See all the stops and get ticketing info here.

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