Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has had quite the week. If you ever wondered if bands are paying attention to what happens in the crowd, Heafy is a good example of a musician who seemingly always has his head up, this time stopping a performance to make sure an ailing audience member received medical attention immediately.

The incident occurred during the band's recent tour stop at Tempe, Arizona's Marquee Theatre, with the group bringing their heavy sounds to a fired up crowd. As seen in the video below, Heafy immediately jumped into action, shutting down the song, immediately calling for the house lights and asking the audience to clear a path while directing security to the ailing audience member he feared was suffering from heat exhaustion. Once the path was clear, he then called out for medical support letting them know where the audience member was in the crowd.

This marks the second time in less than a week where Heafy stopped a performance to look out for an audience member. While in Dallas on June 7, Heafy doffed his guitar to jump into the photo pit in front of the stage in order to catch a crowd surfer who was coming perilously close to going over the barrier without security there to catch them.

Speaking on Twitter where he shared video of the Tempe show stop-down, Heafy remarked, "I feel like I need a new stage name after all these quick stop and rescues. Dad here. Keepin it safe. Tempe was insane last night! Best one in 20 years!" See the footage below.

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place, with Heafy also reacting quickly during a 2022 show, as the singer was able to grab the attention of a member of the band's security team just in time to catch a crowd surfer in a precarious position. He then shouted out the crew member for his quick action on social media following the show.

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