TV shows today... eh. Forced hype? Or am I just missing out on some quality programming? Ever wonder why some shows stop if they're doing so well? Why don't we bring back the one's we all can agree on! 

Seinfeld! Who the hell wouldn't watch Seinfeld if that show came back on?! No one from that show has really, really done anything super important since the show stopped filming exactly 16 years ago. (Although, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is doing ok with Veep and The New Adventures of Old Christine was pretty funny). NBC would have a smash hit show from episode one of the re-launch. A major hit show again from episode one, I'm telling you! The biggest comedy of all time comes back to TV? It would be worth every nickle for NBC to cough it up for those actors. Show already sells itself. So where does the story start from? Is it them getting out of jail on that "good samaritan" charge? Or is it 16 years later? Do they all live elsewhere like Milwaukee? Are some of them married or with significant others? Who cares, it's a home run no matter what the new scenario is and they were always great with scenarios!

THE KING OF QUEENS! Ok, maybe this is more a me thing cause this is my favorite TV show of all time. I own every season on DVD and watch them still to this day. Every character was great and the show always had funny story lines. The show was never a letdown. Jerry Stiller was great on Seinfeld, but he had much more of a roll on KoQ and was always super hilarious.

Hey, even "Walter White" / Bryan Cranston was on this show for a minute as the annoying next door neighbor, Tim Sacksy. He was a damn funny. After KoQ, cast members have done well; star Kevin James, Cranston of course, comedian Patton Oswalt, Leah Remini is yucking it up again on TV and Jerry Stiller always gets work. That would help a return too! If this show came back, I know people would sign up - timeless comedy and plots that most people could relate to. Hey, who didn't like the Honeymooners!? That's what this show was for a whole new generation.

What other shows do you think could make a successful comeback? Brady Bunch? Alf? Saved By The Bell? Night Court? Cosby? Married with Children? Magnum PI? Reply here or on our Facebook page where this link is and let us know what show you think could score viewers again!



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