When Styxx nightclub closed at the end of 2016, many people wondered if another club was set to inhabit the space left behind or if the building would just be repurposed for something else. Just a few months into 2017, it was announced some renovations would take place and that the space would be turned into "retail". Nearly a year-and-a-half later, the final touches are being put on a new upscale wine bar/restaurant that is set to open soon.

According to Portland Food Map, the new bar/restaurant will be called Lio, and will feature upscale wine offerings plus a menu that will complement the wine choices. Additionally, Lio will feature a wine cellar retail shop in the basement of the building where guests can purchase the same bottles of wine they enjoyed in the restaurant.

The wine bar/restaurant will overlook Spring Street and a portion of Cross Street in downtown Portland. There will be an outdoor deck and patio for guests to enjoy the summer sunsets and ocean breeze during the warmer months.

There is no firm opening date for the new venture but it is expected to open sometime in the late-spring/early summer.

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