The sixth biggest movie of 2018 — ahead of Deadpool 2Mission: Impossible — FalloutFantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Solo: A Star Wars Story and hundreds of others — was Venom. The movie about the famous Spider-Man villain (in which Spider-Man did not appear) became one of the surprise hits of the year. People really love Venom. Would Sony make another one? They’d be fools not to.

SPOILER ALERT: They’re making another one. Variety reports that Kelly Marcel has signed on to write Venom 2, with Hardy set to return as everyone’s favorite symbiote who enjoys occasionally bathing in restaurant lobster tanks:

Sources close to the negotiation tell Variety that, although an exact amount couldn’t be unveiled, Marcel’s deal was a significant one. She will also executive produce the follow-up, which will see Tom Hardy return as the eponymous symbiote. Marcel was also a producer on the first pic.

I didn’t love Venom — it felt like several different tones all fighting for control of the story, not unlike Eddie Brock and the symbiote doing battle for the right to his body — but Hardy was sensational as both Eddie and Venom. Once he went full symbiote, he was so funny. A movie that’s all Tom Hardy going bonkers would be amazing. So bring on Venom 2. Now that they’ve got proof of concept, could Spider-Man actually show up this time? That would be very interesting...

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