So... you decide to stop producing the ONLY thing people have cared to watch on your channel for umpteen years? Smart business decision!



What the hell happened here???

I mean... The show wasn't exactly pricey to produce. At least from common eyes viewing it, it didn't look pricey; cheesy graphics, two of the hosts would do it for free most likely, cramming all the filming into a short period of time to cut costs, most guests and musical help were close to Eddie Trunk so appearing was more a favor from friendship than a business situation...

Oh and people liked the show! They actually turned to VH-1 for the first time since that Seal video when it was huge a while ago. Cheesy as it was with those graphics and Florentine's bobbling conversation with "Stump The Trunk" contestants and the innocent-like awkwardnesss of the in-studio audience.. people loved this show. They accepted the blemishes for the greater good. That good was seeing someone like Jake E. Lee or Graham Bonnett, Kip Wigner, Tommy Lee or Rob Zombie interviewed by other hard rock and metal fans and ace dudes; Jim (Florentine) Don Jamieson and the great Eddie Trunk. Those of us that still have some passion for 80's rock/metal got their fix with his show. Yes, John Sykes may look much older now and seem kinda like a dick, but he was in Blue Murder and on the best two Whitesnake albums! So.. that was awesome! We loved that.

Who the hell knew who Anvil even was prior to That Metal Show??



Each "new season" seemed to be a tease cause they would produce what... barely 10 episodes or something? That ain't much and it would have to last us like an entire year! I don't know how many times I can re watch the old ones with Steve Harris from Iron Maiden or Michael Anthony  from Van Halen. But I did plenty times cause we love this stuff! They brought parking lot concert pre-gamers together without fail no matter repeat or fresh episode.

I'm sure scheduling was a bitch right? Had to be. But... some of these guys should be LEAPING at the chance and even flying on their own dime even for this exposure. This put them in front of their crowd who most of them had been detached from for 25 years some of them. So aside from dudes like Lars of Metallica or Brian of AC/DC, people like that, most of those musicians should have been on call for that show making more episodes possible.

VH-1 is simply, foolish. A foolish channel that just gave up a golden ticket to viewership and some long running buzz in a time where THAT audience, the ones wearing Bon Jovi and Slaughter t-shirts, those people were tapped in and actually might have downloaded the app. For this thing they would have and probably did. Getting those 80's heads into a modern world... ain't easy and doesn't happen enough. Why did they throw that away. That is their audience in 2016. People would actually seek out that channel for something, finally after many years. God knows we don't watch their "Movies That Rock" that are interrupted every 4 minutes for commercials. Or their forgettable, if ever recognized, reality programming. (The joke was over by the 2nd episodes of the Osbournes and Simmon's Family Jewels) . No VH-1 let the big fish go back into the pond and we're left to speak of the legend and say how amazingly big the fish was and what it was all like!

Good luck to the guys searching for a new home for the show. We'll be ready to watch Aqua Net, box of junk and metal horns locked and loaded!