If you know New Hampshire at all, it is very well-known for their ski resorts. They are 5th in the country for the most in one state.

Visitors from all over the world travel to the White Mountains of New Hampshire every winter to ski and snowboard at the 26 resorts throughout the state. When the average price for a day lift ticket was $14, this vintage video of a family's vacations is either sure to bring you back, or at least have you watching in awe as you see actual footage filmed on the mountains of Cranmore, Attitash, Wildcat, Waterville Valley, and Crotched Mountain. Although upgraded throughout the years, you will likely recognize these resorts that are all still operating today.

You may recall all of the perks of having mobile electronics back in the '70s. They were a luxury to have and were quite large, especially video cameras. I remember the ones in the '80s and would imagine that the ones in the '70s were even bigger, as they have all shrunken in size for our convenience over the years. Props to whoever kept that thing rolling on their shoulders while exploring five of New Hampshire’s legendary mountains.

Having grown up in North Conway, this was a wild time warp back in time for me, especially seeing the legendary skimobiles in action at Cranmore (at 8:36 of video). These were alternatives to the traditional chairlift, which was my first experience taking a ride up the mountain to go down on skis for the first time.

Thank you to the Bellas Family, whoever and wherever you are. This was a fun ride back to the early days of New Hampshire's ski resorts.

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