When Buzzfeed picks up your story, you know you've done something to raise eyebrows. The Augusta Police Department took to their Facebook page Tuesday afternoon to share photos and a video of officers breaking up what they deemed a "street fight".

Here is their Facebook post:

"Eagle Street fight. This afternoon two bald eagles were locked in mortal combat over a territorial dispute. The Eagles were literally locked together by the talons and our very own ACO Roodman and Warden Ross responded for a report of the bald eagle street fight. Sure enough the two of Americas' Finest were found, locked and unable to separate. The wild animal specialists used blankets to separate Americas' Symbols of Freedom who were later seen flying over the August Arsenal. It's a proud day in Augusta for these two majestic winged warriors!"

The post has received over one thousand shares and even caused Buzzfeed to write an article covering it. This is real life in Maine, perhaps the only state in our great union where a bald eagle street fight makes national news. Your move, New Hampshire!

Check out the photos and video below courtesy of the Augusta Maine Police Department:

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