Not all beer stunts go according to plan.

We don't have much backstory here, other than this fella looks like he's enjoying a beautiful day out on the water and figured he could catch a beer thrown in his direction.

He figured wrong.

Don't you hate when this happens? You're out trying to tool around in the water and get drunk at the same time, which is a totally safe combination, when a huge pole sneaks up on you right out of nowhere and pounds you in the chest so hard you fall overboard like the Heart of the Ocean diamond in Titanic.

If there's a moral here, maybe it's don't catch and wakeboard. It's not as catchy as don't drink and drive, but it's something to consider.

If anything, maybe this poor guy ought to think about getting out of the water, head for the sky and go find some help when it comes to grabbing a brewski after being airborne.

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