If you've spent your entire life in Maine, then there's a good chance you've visited Old Orchard Beach at least once. You've spent a little time on The Pier, tried your hand at skeeball inside Palace Playland, and browsed the countless shops that all seem to have the same exact items. But if you've ever thought to yourself, "there should be a song about this place that sums up my experience", then your prayers have been answered.

Courtesy of the Portland Comedy Co-Op, comes a delightfully sarcastic ode to Old Orchard Beach titled "OOB". Aimee Poulin, a local comedian, is behind all of the deliciously obvious observations that somehow just become funnier when placed into a song as lyrics.

Sit back and reminisce about all the time you've spent on a roller coaster that feels terribly unsafe, why you spend $7 on a Miller Lite, or how you got jammed up for parking that was still a half mile away from the beach. Ok, maybe those are just some of our personal recollections. but Aimee does a pretty good job summing up the general "feel" of a summertime stop at Maine's most popular beach destination.

How did it take this long for a great song to be written?