We've all had weird things shipped to us in the mail - from less than conventional care packages from your parents in college to ill-advised, inebriated Amazon purchases made in the middle of the night, everyone's had a moment where they open a box and gone "huh?" Well in this case of strange mail, the recipient knew what he was getting, and the contents of the package has us scratching our heads.

YouTube User Steve's World, who's channel includes everything from food reviews to retro gaming footage, posted a nearly 13 minute video of himself busting out some fresh baby shrimp he had shipped from right here in Maine. There were three species included in the shipment - Crystal Backs, Blue Dreams and Golden Bees. Watch the video below:

Despite what you might think, these shrimp are for breeding, rather than eating. Over the course of the video, Steve takes the shrimp out, and gets them acclimated to their new homes via some tubs in the sink. He also answers the question of why he gets his shrimp shipped from the east coast, even though he lives pretty darned close to the west, and offers tips about shrimp breeding, should you be interested in such a specific hobby.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever gotten in the mail? Let us know (but don't provide any particularly gruesome details) in the comments!

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