As Hurricane Isaias moved up the eastern seaboard on Tuesday, the main concern for many coastal communities was powerful waves and the potential for flooding. Big tropical storms almost always crank up the surf, turning the wavs of the ocean into a dangerous rollercoaster. Which makes what happened on Sebago Lake in Maine on Tuesday evening all the more strange, mainly because it's not the ocean. But what was left of Hurricane Isaias certainly made things interesting as it passed through the area.

Shared on Facebook by Paula Gillespie Pettersen, multiple onlookers stared out over Sebago Lake in both shock and amazement as the waves resembled what you'd expect to see in Old Orchard Beach, not Sebago Lake. As seen in the video, many people left their boats in the water, clearly not expecting this tropical system to cause much of ruckus. Instead, several people could be looking at some repairs, if their boat even made it through the rough surf to begin with.

Many commenters on the Facebook post noted that they hoped nobody was out on the water during this event. As of this writing, we've received no reports that anyone was. What this video should do is remind people that even downgraded tropical storms can present substantial danger away from the coastline. Mother Nature is a powerful and unpredictable force.

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