As we continue to emerge from the global pandemic in Maine, more people are sharing their experiences of what happened to them specifically during the event and not all of those experiences are good. One such experience was shared on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook page recently, where a video posted by a landlord in Lewiston showed the incredible damage and destruction his apartment endured while he was unable to evict his tenants.

Shared on YouTube by Jay Allen, the 3-minute video is almost difficult to watch at times because the level of filth and damage that has been done to the landlord's property. Trash is piled up, food is left out rotting in the kitchen and you may have to look away while Allen tours the bathroom of this residence.

The video itself was shot nearly 6 months ago during a time when a nationwide moratorium on evictions put landlords in some difficult positions. Throughout the video, Allen gives his personal thoughts and feelings (some are NSFW) about the government mandates and where it has left him through the process. In this case, out 5 months of rent and staring at a major project to renovate this apartment.


If you're wondering how this has turned out, commenters on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook post mentioned that Allen recently finished the renovation and the apartment itself is looking better than it ever has.

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