When you're the G.O.A.T., people from everywhere are going to come for you. That includes a country musician who's native to Lewiston, Maine. Matt McAtee took to his Facebook page to share a tune that he concocted, one that certainly will irritate the most hardcore of Patriots fans, called "I Can't Stand Tom Brady".

McAtee details all of his grievances with the greatest quarterback to ever play professional football, including his designer suits, supermodel wife, flowing locks of hair and how the Patriots always seem to get beneficial calls. By the end of the catchy tune, you'll likely be singing along even if the words to the song are sacrilege.

And without having talked to McAtee, we'll just assume he's been burdened by being a New York Giants fan like half of the Lewiston population. We'd probably sing a song like this too if we were stuck with Eli Manning for 15 years.

ps. kiss the rings.

Tom Brady
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