Get ready to start singing along without even knowing why as this 30 second jingle for Cumbahlin Fahms is an addiction you didn't know you wanted. 

Local musician Michael Taylor claimed on his Facebook page that he was bored and decided to throw a little something together. Boy, are we happy he did. Open up the full screen and immerse yourself in the full-screen goodness of sight and sound. "Cumbahlin Fahms" is 30 seconds that essentially sums up the experience of going to Cumberland Farms perfectly for so many people.

Does it matter that the video is crudely shot and the track isn't mastered perfectly? NO. Sometimes the beauty in things is its imperfection and that's why we're declaring "Cumbahlin Fahms" a full blown accidental masterpiece.

By the way, the greatest line in this little jingle comes toward the end. Check out this gem "we're good people and so are you...Cumbahlin Fahms, come on through!"

We'll be over here listening to this over and over and over again. Enjoy.

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