Need some Christmas spirit? This trumpet playing Santa elf is just the trick.


Dining at David's outside at night to admire the beautiful Christmas tree in Monument Square, we heard saw a Santa elf plop down and bring out a trumpet. Then she (yes, she) started playing Christmas music. The air was still and the music carried from where she was throughout the square. Not to get too mushy, but it really was magical.

I went over and gave her all the cash I had. It was only 5 dollars - I wish I had more. She was worth it. Her name is Emma Stanley and according to her Facebook page, she has been called, an “incredible horn player” with “perfect sound” by MaineToday. I second that MaineToday.

She has a website where you can she's performed with Portland's Fogcutters, Native Isles, Jason Ward and more. She also toured with Jesus Christ Superstar. She is a piano player and singer too! And there she was playing her heart out to a handful of socially distanced people who happened to be in Monument Square. Thank you Emma for giving me a dose of Christmas spirit that I really needed.



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