In fear that people may mistakenly refer to someone else as the greatest of all-time, Chris Jericho had a strong message for Tom Brady on last night's edition of Raw.

After the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history Sunday night, pundits across the country began officially chiseling into stone that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. It will still be debated by many, and that includes WWE superstar Chris Jericho.

In Jericho's latest WWE run, he's been referring to himself as the GOAT, including fashioning new in-ring gear that says just that. Also part of Jericho's act these days is to put anyone that crosses him on something he calls "the list". And as you can clearly see in the minute long clip above, there's no doubt whatsoever that Jericho believes Brady has crossed him and deserves to go on "the list".

How about this? Would Tom Brady consider making a Wrestlemania appearance in Orlando this year to confront Jericho about all this list talk? Would Brady consider even standing ringside by whomever Jericho faces at WWE's largest event of the year? It wouldn't conflict with any of his football schedule....interesting.

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