Every fight in the Old Port usually isn't worth it but this one especially proves that there are no winners...especially when battling on glare ice. 

There's no breaking news in saying that alcohol consumption can lead to volatile behavior and considering the Old Port is filled with establishments that sell liquor, you're going to have the occasional disagreement. That brings us to this fantastic video shared on Facebook by Nick Stanley.

Stanley titled his video "that's why you don't fight on ice kids" which is all you really need to know about this thirty seconds of mayhem. Without knowing any of the participants personally, we're just going to assume words were exchanged and the idea that punches should be thrown came to the forefront. One problem though, EVERYONE was standing on ice.

Kudos to the dude in the blue sweatshirt who came in hot attempting to settle things down and nearly ate a face full of Old Port ice for his trouble. And if you can make it until the end of the video, you get to witness the adult drunken version of "we all fall down". For everyone involved in this video, perhaps happy hour would be a better option.

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