For a long time, Slugger the Sea Dog was probably the best kept mascot secret in the country. Not anymore. Earlier during the 2018 season, Slugger went viral for an amazing "Dirty Dancing" night rendition. And now, Slugger is back at it again, transforming into DJ Slug-3PO for a ridiculous performance during Star Wars night at Hadlock Field.

Shared by Slugger The Sea Dog on Facebook, flanked by storm troopers, Slug-3PO had a sick DJ set before getting out from behind the board and busting out some new mascot moves that turned the energy up in the stadium. One commenter wrote that he has never visited Portland, Maine, never been to Hadlock Field but is now convinced Slugger is the greatest mascot on Earth and needs a reality show.

Hard to argue you that. May the force be with Slugger.



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