When the day just isn't going your way, this is the kind of stuff that can happen. We're not sure about the backstory here, but our eyes have filled in some of blanks for us. Shared on Reddit by newtestleper79, dash cam footage picked up an unfortunate incident of bad luck for a driver on I-295 in Portland recently.

Typically in this section of the highway, people are going at speeds of between 50-60 mph, so if have any loose clothes, or perhaps a suitcase that wasn't closed tight, this is the kind of mess you can make all over the road. What makes this video a little more unique however, is that the person who lost all of their clothing all over the highway actually stopped to pick it up.

For the record, this person's decision to stop their car and then get out and pick up clothing across 2 lanes of the 3 lane highway was incredibly dangerous and probably the wrong move. But as you can see in the video, drivers who approached the situation managed to assess and realize exactly what was going on. We hope the clean up was quick and that the person salvaged their belongings. For Mainers, this probably rates as just another day on I-295.


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